Editors-in-chief: Branka Prpa, PhD, the director of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, and Bratislav Petković, the director of the Automobile Museum
Predrag Marković, PhD, Olga Latinčić, Jelenka Petković, Boža Draškić, Bratislav Petković, Branka Rakočević, Milena Radojčić, Sonja Jerković
Graphic design:
Danijela Paracki
Issue: 2002

This richly illustrated publication, a joint edition of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, the Automobile Museum and the Karić Foundation, was published in 2002, in 1,500 copies. It covers the period between 1918 and 1941 and deals with the automobile from all possible aspects and through all walks of social life in Belgrade at the time. Enriched by illustrations and photographs from the Archives and the collection of the Automobile Museum and before World War II press. The publication and the exhibition entitled The Belgrade Auto-Time-Machine, opened at the Automobile Museum on 2 July 2002, was aimed at the role of the automobile in the Europeanization of Belgrade. The automobile, the forerunner of the technical and technological progress, brought dramatic changes to all walks of life and created possibilities for a breakthrough of the bold and adventurous human spirit. Starting from the ruined and devastated town with cobble-stone streets, without a meter of decent roads, it took Belgrade only two decades to become the host of the First International Automobile Fair and the organizer of the First International Grand Prix car race.