Collection includes 80 diplomas, charters and appointments - War Medals, official and school acknowledgements with decorative wax seals and lace collars. Diploma of the Family Ljubiša is the oldest and represents the transcript validated in Trieste in 1800. Among those of great worth are diplomas of Metropolitan Mihailo from Moscow, Kievo and Kazan spiritual academy with decorative wax seals and colorful frames and engravings. Charter of Franc Josef I originated from 1856 assigning noble title to Paul Georg Spirta, Zemun tradesman, is kept in its original metal box. Its written manually on parchment, protected with cover of red plush, bond with yellow-red welts, ornamentally decorated, but special decoration represents wax seal placed in oval box hanging on golden cord.

Serbian, German, French, English, Russian, Italian, Latin, Polish
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