Editor in-chief: Branka Prpa, PhD
Author: Slobodan Mandić
Visual-graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović

Monograph includes questions related to the ability of using modern technological achievempage 57ents in Historical Science, trend of Science computerization, the impact of Information & Communication Technologies use on the Methodology of Historical Research.

Just, work on computers within the Methodology of Historical Science, makes a special discipline which, from historians, demands finding and researching, how possibilities, lack of computer use in professional work as well. Although the volume is not large, interested of this subject will meet many information and problems related to the basic trends in computer use and Internet in Historiography, for example: communication, digitization in archives, historical electronic sources, information research techniques, Internet use manual and problem of citing historical sources. Introduction gives a brief overview of history of the Internet and pioneering project of computer use in Historical Science, too.

Also, the issue of teaching History and new technologies is specially discussed. The book contains 21 illustrations and large number of links leading to the relevant and interesting sites on the Internet, but in the special section at the end of the book named Web Directory is given thematic overview with brief description and URL for further networking and Web view.