Opening date: 2. July 2002
Realization: Historical Archives of Belgrade and Automobile Museum

The automobile in Belgrade between the two World Wars was one of the symbols of modernization, progress and orientation towards Europe and world. It was the period of remarkable industrial growth, cultural advancement and economic strengthening of the new class of bankers, traders, craftstand and small industrialists.In only two decades, from the war devasted town with cobble-stoned streets and without a single yard of a decent road, Belgrade came to host the First International Automobile Show and the First International Grand Prix race.

The aim of this exhibition and publication is to point to the role that the automobile had in the Europeanization of Belgrade. The automobile, a herald of technical and tehnological progress, brought about dramatic changes in all spheres of life, and paved the way for the courageous and curious human spirit.  (publication Automobiles in Belgrade 1918-1941).