Information Center was established as a separate organizational unit with an aim of conceptualizing and realizing the development of an integrated information system and become the first destination that all potential users of the Archives documents will contact, either through the World Wide Web or our reading room.

Practical realization of the goals was initiated toward the middle of 2004, first with the networking of the existing equipment and in 2005 with the creation of the first modules within the framework of the projected system, named Janus. The electronic information system, of modular type, is based on the different functions and activities carried out by the Archives. So far, the system iscomposed of 8 modules and is further being developed.

Our electronic databases expand to over 40.000 catalogue entries from 504 fonds and collections preserved in the part of Janus systemArchives, thus enabling us to delever high qualityservicesto members of the public, both onsite and online. The distant users can search our databases by simple search tool, which is placed in the directory named Fonds, by writing a descriptive word or part of the word, name, geographic term or chronology data. For the time being, the descriptive data are given in Serbian language only.

Implementation of information technologies