Opening: May 26, 2010
Authors: Branislav Vučković, Snežana Lazić, Ivica Mlađenović
Realization: employees of the Archives
Visualization: Ivica Mlađenović
Graphic design: Vladimir Mijatović, Ivica Mlađenović
The exhibition opened by: Ivica Radović, State Secretary, Ministry of Enviroment and Spatial Planning

Ivica Mlađenović was born in 1937 in the City of Tuzla. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He participated in many domestic and international contests with 16 awarded works.

The winner of several awards and acknowledgments ( Endowment of Vuk Karadžić Award, 2006; the Association of Artist of Applied Art and Designers of Serbia Award for lifework, 2008; etc.) The author of the concept and selection of important international projects: World Golf Home 12 in Belgrade, realized in accordance with the solutions of 8 eminent architects from 8 countries; Settlement of Newlyweds according to the projects of 12 architects from 11 countries (unrealized) so the Manifestation Belgrade Triennals of the World Architecture.

The exhibition consists of 3 segments:

1. about author
2. realized and unrealized projects of Ivica Mlađenović
3. selection of works from previous Triennals

The model works of selected projects and selection of Ivica Mlađenović's published books were shown, so the video presentation of the material of held Triennals.

Ivica Mlađenović handed over his legacy to the Historical Archives of Belgrade in 2005.

Legacy of Ivica Mlađenović