Opening of the exhibition: 28 October 2004
Author: Branka Prpa, PhD
Realization: Conservation and restoration services, Bookbinding service and the Library of the Historical Archive of Belgrade
Visualization: engineer architect Bojana Đurović
Graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović
The exhibition was opened by: Nenad Bogdanović, MA, the mayor of Belgrade

from the opening of the exhibition – the mayor of Belgrade, Nenad Bogdanović, MA, and Branka Prpa, PhD
The exhibition presented a part of the rich and varied book fond of the Library of the Historical Archives of Belgrade with some 34 000 library items. Rare books written in Serbian and foreign languages before and after the linguistic reform of Vuk Karadžić are on display. The books are classified by their value and age. The oldest books date back to the 16th century: The History of Life and Work of Scenderbey, published in 1533, then The Hungarian Chronicles by Antonio Bonfini from 1581, and On the Origin and Glory of the Slavs by Vinko Pribojević, from 1532.

The visual appearance of the exhibition was helped by characteristic display. The books, placed on tall wooden music stands, offered a harmonious relationship between artistic and architectural context.