NBS konf 2017International conference Special Collections in the Context of Cultural Heritage Protection and Cultural Development Fostering was held in the National Library of Serbia from 2nd until 4th of October 2017.
In three working days, 120 lecturers and 190 authors from Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Republika Srpska, USA, Serbia, Croatia and Check Republic presented their papers. Main theme of the conference was management, protection and presentation of special collections, but other themes like how to connect archives and museums, how to protect antique and rare books, legacies, libraries, archives and archival material were discussed.
Two archivists from Historical Archives of Belgrade participated in the conference: Zorica Netaj, senior archivist with the lecture Photograph as a part of cultural heritage – analysis of Serbian archives; and Mirjana Obradović, archival councilor participated with a lecture Legacies, personal and family collections in Historical Archives of Belgrade – on the example of the legacy of Konstantin Koča Popović and Leposava Lepa Perović.