otvaranje muzikaNew exhibition Music in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was opened in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade on Friday, 15 December 2017.
Dragan Gacic, Director of the Historical Archives of Belgrade welcomed all present guests and Professor Zoran Eric, Rector of the University of Arts of Belgrade opened the exhibition.
The String Quartet of the Ministry of Defense “Stranislav Binicki” performed several popular Serbian composers in the opening ceremony.
The exhibition demonstrates the development of music and achievements of artists from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia even from the period before the Kingdom. Within the exhibition it is possible to see the oldest preserved tone film about the Kingdom’s capital city called Belgrade from 1932, property of Yugoslav Film Archives.
Authors of the exhibition are Irena Kolaj Ristanovic and Dragana Mitrasinovic. Expert consultant on exhibition and catalogue is Ivana Miladinovic Prica, musicologist.