Novi Sad Jad VasemSeminar Libraries, Archives and Culture of Remembrance was held in the Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad on Thursday, February 22nd 2018. The program of the seminar was organized in two parts. The first part presented the results and impressions of seminar held in Yad Vashem in December last year and in the second part of the program Dr Akim Jah from International Tracing Service (ITS) from Bad Arolsen presented his work in the ITS and held a workshop on how to read and interpret Holocaust material preserved in the ITS.
This seminar was organized by Teraforming Network from Novi Sad in cooperation with international partners and experts. Similar activities will be organized throughout 2018.
Tijana Kovcic, Jelena Nikolic, Slobodan Mandic and Vladimir Mijatovic from Hisotrical Archives of Belgrade participated in the seminar.