tara 2018 arhiviInternational counseling Archives in Electronic Environment organized by Archival Association of Serbia and Historical Archives of Uzice was held from 10th until 12th October 2018.
The Conference was opened by welcome speeches of Miroslav Ducic, president of Archival Association of Serbia, Zeljko Markovic, director of Historical Archives of Uzice, Dejan Maslikovic, representative of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Ivan Fras, director of the Regional Archives of Maribor, Zoran Perovic, representative of the State Archives of Dubrovnik and the oldest archivist participating in the conference Jovan Perovic.
Opening of the conference gathered officials, 30 lecturers from Serbia and the region and 200 archivists and registry offices representatives.
Program was thematically divided into two sessions: Archives in Electronic Environment- electronic document and electronic archiving and Archival Practice today – analysis of conditions, questions, proposals and solutions.
Historical Archives of Belgrade had three representatives on the conference. Jasmina Latinovic together with a colleague from the Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad Jugoslav Veljkoviski presented a lecture “The Necessity of Creating Orientation List of Categories of Registry Offices Material with the Period of Storing for Holders/Creators of Registry/Archival Material”. Mirjana Obradovic and Zorica Netaj presented their paper “Exhibitions and Publishing Activities of Historical Archives of Belgrade – Responsibility, Experiences, Accomplishment and Significance”.
All papers presented on the conference will be published.