All users coming from the territory of the Republic of Serbia have the right to use the archival material preserved in the Historical Archives of Belgrade under the same conditions. The user is obliged to submit a written application on a special form that contains personal information, address/addresses, theme of research or other purposes of use, details concerning the archival material that is requested for use.
Access approval is issued by the director, her deputy or authorized person.
Foreign researchers use the archival material under the provisions of the Cultural Property Protection Act, i.e. they submit a written communication to the Historical Archives of Belgrade for the access permission. In the communication they state the theme of their research work, inclusive dates of the theme, reason and purpose of their work; they attach the letter of mentor in charge for their MA or PhD studies; they are expected to precise the date planned for their research work. After receiving the application the Archives is due to get the access permission from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbian within one month period. A foreign researcher is allowed to get started with his/her work only after he/she receives a written information that the access permission is granted.
Users are allowed to reserve the archival material and arrange for material to be kept out for up to seven days in the Reading Room; afterwards, it is returned to the repository.
Users are responsible for all documents, finding aids and library material issued to them until these are returned to the custody of a member of a staff and checked.
Before entering the Reading Room, the users must leave all their bags and personal belongings, newspapers and magazines, food, drinks, cigarettes, etc. in the lockers situated nearby; they may use only graphite pencils, portable computers and one notepad for taking notes; it is strictly forbidden to use cameras, audio and video equipments, mobile phones, players, audio recorders.
Order and silence must be respected in the Reading Room. Any person who fails to comply with the instructions and rules given by an officer in charge or by Rules may be sanctioned with the access permission cancellation and his/her future admission will be refused.
Anyone wishing to reproduce the material in transcript, translation or facsimile is responsible for identifying the current owner and for obtaining any permission required, i.e. the Historical Archives of Belgrade, title of the fond or collection and the identification code. If the person uses the data from the unarranged archival material he/she is obliged to state that fact in the publication.
One copy of the published work must be presented to the Archives and will be registered in the Archives' Library.