A reader is obliged to fill the form in paper, entering his/her full and correct details concerning the identity and address, purpose of research work, subject, other available information required by the form. A reader must submit the identification document and proof of address.
After getting a permission for the research work, the reader is given the relevant finding aids to consult. After consulting the finding aids, the reader places the order ticket one day in advance for the selected archival units or documents he/she is interested in. (article 23)

The requested material is issued the day after, until 10 AM. With one order ticket a reader is allowed to request and get at a time:

4 items of bound documents or
2 folders or boxes, or
5 files, 10 photographs, or
2 microfilm roll

(Article 49)

Uncatalogued or partly catalogued documents, which are being arranged or microfilmed, or exposed at the exhibition or used for the publishing purposes may not be issued to readers until the reasons for their withdrawal seize to exist. (Article 34).

The Archives keeps the right to restrict the access to and use of the archival material to the researcher in the cases when there is a reasonable doubt that national or state interests, as well as business or personal interests could be endangered by using such materials. The access restriction could be placed by the creator, owner or depositor that transferred the archival material to the Archives, which must be respected. In such cases the Archives is obliged to inform the user about the access restriction in a written form. Exclusions of the access restriction could be authorized only by a Director.
Exceptionally valuable original archival documents and documents that are in a process of conservation, restoration or microfilming are not to be issued to readers for researching purposes, but in their reproduces formats: microforms, digitized or xeroxed (Article 54).

Documents needed for official purposes are issued in a form of certified copies (Article 55).

A reader is allowed to keep the issued archival material for a research purposes at most 5 working days. By renewing the current order ticketing a reader is allowed the extended period of another 5 working days. (Article 57).

A reader denied the right to get the access to the archival material is advised to appeal to the Executive Board of the Historical Archives of Belgrade in the 15 days period since the handling in of the access denial decision.
If a requested material is being arranged, microfilmed, conserved or used for the publication purposes, the Archives is obliged to inform the reader about the time when such material will be ready for use.
Already published documents can be consulted in the published form only.