DraganGacic kabinet

MA Dragan Gačić

MA Dragan Gačić was born in 1956 in Vršac, Serbia. Graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Department of International Relations. Received his Master of Arts degree in Social Sciences from the same Faculty with the Thesis State as a political community in the works of Svetozar Marković.

During his professional career he hold the position of Minister of Culture assistant in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Department of International and Internal Cooperation, acted as a Director of the Belgrade Cultural Centre, Assistant director of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Sector of Information Technologies Applying and Technical Protection of archival material.

Hold a position of the President of the Board of Culture and Preservation of cultural-historical monuments of the Association of People originated from Gornji Milanovac living in Belgrade.

The author of the books entitled Svetozar Marković and a State and Slobodan Jovanović on a struggle for democracy in Serbia in the second half of XIX century, with regard to political ideas of Svetozar Marković. Editor of the book entitled Population of Rudnik and Takovo Region in the Liberation wars of Serbia in 1912-1918. Reviewer of a number of scientific and professional editions.

Engaged in sport associations for many years. President of the Assembly of Basketball Federation of Belgrade and a member of the Assembly of Basketball Federation of Serbia.
Rewarded with Arhijerejska gramata of the Serbian Orthodox Church and a Letter of thanks issued by the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac for his contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Rudnik and Takovo Region.