Opening: 1 November 2018, Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade
Author of Exhibition and Catalogue: Slobodan Mandic
Review by: Prof Dr Milan Ristovic
Editing and proof editing: Natasa Nikolic MA
Associates: Irena Kolaj Ristanovic, Snezana LAzic, Dragana Mitrasinovic, marko Peric, Isidora Stojanovic
Techical Support: Violeta Jovanovic, Bojan Kocev
Design of exhibition panels: Zorica Netaj
Design of the catalogue: Vladimir Mijatovic
Opening ceremony: Andreja Mladenovic, Assistant Mayor
Exhibition “Belgrade in 1918. Liberation of Belgrade in World War I” was created with a goal to illuminate crucial events in Belgrade in the days before, during and after the liberation of the capital in the World War I.
In the process of preparing the exhibition, 206 documents and photographs, preserved in the Historical Archives of Belgrade, were selected and presented on 31 exhibition boards. The exhibition is divided in six thematic units:

1. Belgrade in World War I
2. Material Destructions
3. From Thessaloniki to Belgrade
4. In Liberated City
5. Towards the Capital of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
6. Reminiscences, Awards, Decorations

This exhibition presents life in occupied Belgrade and also events connected to the breakthrough of Salonika Front. Special attention is dedicated to the events that followed the entrance of voivoda Petar Bojovic and his troops in liberated Belgrade. The exhibition pays attention to the re-establishment of city administration and directives that regulated everyday life in ruined and exhausted by war capital city. Visitors will have the opportunity to see detailed list of war damage caused to the capital during bombardments and occupation, as well as documents that show preparations for unification in new Yugoslav state.
Author of the exhibition is Slobodan Mandic, historian and senior archivist in Historical Archives of Belgrade.
The exhibition can be seen in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade until the end of November 2018.
Working hours of the Gallery: Tuesday – Monday from 10 AM until 5PM.
Free entrance.


Video of the opening ceremony YouTube logo full color