Opening of the exhibition: 18. September 2003.
Author: Branka Prpa, PhD
Realization: Archives employees
Visualization: engineer architect Bojana Đurović
Exhibition opened by: Nenad Bogdanović, MA, the president of the Executive Council of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade

The original arrangement contributed to the visual impression of the exhibition. In the central part of the Gallery a sailboat was constructed, boldly and creatively, with its white sails and differently colored portholes sailing through the past of the Danubian countries.

On the occasion of the 2nd International Danube Conference on Art and Culture, held in Belgrade on 17-20 September, an exhibition Along the Danube river through the past times was opened. The basic idea of the exhibition was to use authentic documents to tell the story and send a message about mutual cultural and economic relations of the Danubian countries. The exhibition is divided into four units: Life along the Danube – the border of two civilizations; interweaving of cultures; Culture of life.

As part of the exhibition a slide presentation of the Archives of the City of Budapest, was organized with its conception and the selection of documents contributing to the exhibition. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue and exceptionally well designed prospectus.