Opening: 25th May 2017, the Gogolevski Boulevard, Moscow
Editor-in-Chief: Dragan Gačić MA
Authors of the exhibition: Dragan Gačić MA, Mirjana Obradović, Zorica Netaj
Design: Zorica Netaj
Photographs of modern Belgrade by: Čedomir Žarković
Welcoming speeches on the opening ceremony: Ivona jevtić, Secretary of the City Secretariat for Culture, Vladimir Filipov, deputy of the Moscow city minister for culture
The exhibition was opened by: Nikola Nikodijević, president of the Belgrade City Council
Promoter of the manifestation: Miloš Biković
Within the manifestation Belgrade Days in Moscow, held from 25th until 27th of May 2017, Historical Archives of Belgrade presented an exhibition Belgrade – an Ancient City.
The exhibition was opened on the Gogolevski Boulevard, on the second day of the manifestation presenting cultural aspect of Belgrade. On 60 exhibition panels, visitors were able to see and get familiar with the history of Serbian capital - prehistoric, Celtic, Roman, Slavic Medieval, Turkish and Austrian Belgrade. Panels presented the development of Belgrade chronologically and how Belgrade was being transformed from Turkish town into modern European city. They also narrated how many times Belgrade was conquered, liberated, bombed and how many times it rose from the ashes.
Photographs of modern Belgrade were followed by selected documents, engravings, charters, projects and old photographs preserved in the Historical Archives of Belgrade. Put together, they revealed Belgrade’s past, present and a vision of future Belgrade.
Working on this exhibition, authors wanted specifically to emphasize an immense contribution of the Russian people that left inerasable trace in the contemporary history of Belgrade, in the area of engineering, architecture, sculpture, ballet, set design and illustrations, and the biggest of all – liberation of Belgrade in 1944.
The exhibition will be opened for visitors until 6 June 2017.


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