Opening: 8 December 2016 - Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, 12 august  2017 - Senta City Museum
Editor in Chief: Dragan Gačić, MA
Author of the Exhibition and the Catalogue: Isidora Stojanović, senior archivist
Associates: MirjanaObradović , Zorica Netaj
Technical support: Violeta Jovanović, Bojan Kocev
Proofreading: Vesna Lekić
Graphic design: Zorica Netaj
Opening speech by Prof Bojan ĐorđevićPhD, Philological Faculty of Belgrade

Continuing with its long tradition of preserving and presenting archival material produced by extinguished individuals and families, Historical Archives of Belgrade prepared an exhibition „Volodja has come back“, celebrating 50 years of creative work of a poet Tanja Karagujević.

Tatijana Karagujević Vujić was born on 26th October 1946 in Senta and her both parents were artists, Stevan and Lepa Karagujević. She finished elementary and secondary schools in Senta and in Belgrade. She graduated from Philological Faculty in Belgrade and pursued her master's degree in the History of Literature. She published more than 20 books of poetry and essays. She is a member of Serbian Literary Society. She received significant literary awards, from the first award “Brankova nagrada” in 1966 for the book “Volodja has come back” and “Isidora Sekulić” award for the essay “Mythical in Nastasijević’s Work” in 1978, up to the latest in 2015 “Desanka Maksimović” award for the contribution to the Serbian poetry.
Exhibited documents presented on 18 boards and 10 show cases, illustrate all segments of poet’s life and work. Exhibited documents include Tanja’s books of poetry and essays, the books she edited, anthologies, books signed by famous people, press clippings and reviews, as well as significant awards and recognitions from “Brankova nagrada” award (1966), “Isidora Sekulić” award (1978), Plaque of the City of Belgrade (1984), then “Lenkin prsten” award and “Desanka Maksimović” award for the contribution to the Serbian poetry (2015).

Special part of the exhibition is dedicated to Tanja’s parents – Stevan Kragujević Štica, famous Serbian and Yugoslav photographer of Tanjug and Politika and her mother Lepa, an actress who graduated famous Film school. This part presents their legacy within Legacy of Family Kragujević. The rarity of the exhibition is Stevan and Lepa's family photo album, revealing the most important moments of Tanja's personal life, from the moment she was born until she married Vasilije Vince Vujić in 1974.

The opening ceremony was enriched with the poetry read by actress Biljana Djurović and accompanied by soprano Jana Križak.
The exhibition is open for visitors from 8th until 23rd December 2016.
Working hours of the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade: Tuesday–Saturday from 10 AM until 5 PM. Free entrance.
Photos from opening in Belgrade
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Photos from opening in Senta