Opening date: April 24th, 2013
Authors: Evica Micković, Snežana Lazić
Realisation: Snežana Lazić, Jelena Mitrović Kocev, Evica Micković, Isidora Stojanović, Jelena Nikolić, Bojan Kocev, Miodrag Gavrilović, Dragan Knežević, Aleksandar Savić, Nemanja Spalović, Aleksandar Kovačević
Opening ceremony: Vidoje Drndarević, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Užice

The standing of the Historical Archives of Belgrade The Banjica Concentration camp-Prisoners guests in the Historical Archives of Užice since April 24th until May 31st. Two Archives through this exhibition and two- volume Book with the same title, commemorated victims of the Banjica Concentration camp so reminded on a true nature of the time, system and ideology which result the Camp was.

The Director of the Historical Archives of Užice, Vesna Prljević, so the Director of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, Dragan Gačić, MA addressed to the visitors pointing out the monstrous crimes made in the past obligate us to take responsibility for our knowledge on the facts written in the records kept in the Archives, mentioning the public that Books of Banjica registered 23.637 inprisoned and 4.286 executed individuals.

The standing follows the existance of the Camp and suffering of the inmates through the exhibited records, books and photographs. Special segment represent exhibited records kept in two Archives regarding the life and suffering of prisoners coming from today municipalities of Arilje, Bajina Bašta, Ivanjica, Kosjerić, Nova Varoš, Priboj, Prijepolje, Užice, Užička Požega and Čajetina. The exhibition educates the visitors to think about destiny of every individual-victim of dehumanized criminal system.

Еxibition Banjica Concentracion Camp Inmates