Opening date: April 11th 2011, Serbia Palace
Organization: The Board of Veterans-Builders of New Belgrade
Realization: Historical Archives of Belgrade, Historical Museum of Serbia
The exhibition opening speech: Mr Ivica Dačić, Vice President of the Serbian Government

After the World War II, in the scarcity of everything, intention of devastated country, economy and infrastructure to be reconstructed, included working actions as necessity. Movement of Work brigades formation, spread up continuously and covered all settlements of the Former Yugoslavia. Youth Work brigades were engaged with all actions of clearing rubble, reconstructing destroyed houses, bridges, roads and railways.. Work actions chronicles noted great enthusiasm, sacrifice of young people, everything in the name of the homeland reconstruction. It was the time of noble idealists. (from the Guide)

The exhibition includes two segments: The first one refers to working actions organized on the federal level, but the second one represents the actions on the territory of Belgrade, especially New Belgrade.