Opening date: September 6th, 2013;  Valjevo, October 11th 2013
Authors: Snežana Lazić, Mirjana Obradović, Đurđija Borovnjak, Jelena Mitrović Kocev
Design: Vladimir Mijatović, Jelena Nikolić
Technical support: Andreja Vujičić, Bojan Kocev, Petar Gajičić
Opening ceremony: Jovan Ćirilov

An exhibition is organized in occasion of placing urn of Milorad Mišković, international ballet star and legator of the Historical Archives of Belgrade.
Artistic career of Milorad Mišković is very rich. As young dancer he attended Ballets des Champs Elysees, but in 1956. he founded his own troup Ballet Miskovic de Paris. Several years spent in United States of America as director of ballet and choreographer. He was known as Prince of Dance and cooperated with the biggest artists of his time: Serge Lifar, Anton Dolin, Maurice Bejart, Jean Cocteau.. and he danced with ballerinas known that time: Alisia Markova, Ivett Shovire, Janine Shara, Collete Marshan, Ludmila Cherina, Carla Fraci...

He got an Award of 7th July for lifework in 1992. He was the owner of the National Order of Legion of Honour and A life for dance Award of International Ballet Festival of the City of Miami for lifework.

The standing has a goal to interpretate the personality of Milorad Mišković, its sumptuous talent, so outer and inner beauty. The standing includes photographs of ballet shows, but original drawings and sketches of various authors, costumes and requisites from the shows, the mouvie of Ivan Ivanović on Milorad Mišković so selection of of critiques written by his contemporaries.

It will be represented as guest exhibition in the Gallery of the National Museum of Valjevo on October 11th 2013.

Legacy of Milorad Mišković

Оpening in Belgrade

Оpening in Valjevo