Opening date: House of National Assembly, May 3, 2008
Project participants: Historical Archives of Belgrade, Archives of Serbia, Historical Museum of Serbia, Museum of Vojvodina, Historical Museum of Yugoslavia, Archives of Serbia and Montenegro and Private Archives of Zoran Djindjić Fond
Art director of the project: Branka Prpa, PhD
Visualisation: engineer architect Bojana Djurović
Art design of the catalogue: academic painter Aleksandar Švedić

The exibition was shown because of the 204 new passports of the Republic of Serbia hand over.
In one place were found Serbian, Ottoman and Austrian travel documents. Passports of Serbia rulers, eminent public persons in the 19th and 20th century – Duke Mihailo Obrenović, Vuk Stefanović Karadzić, king Aleksandar Karadjordjević, Josip Broz Tito, Zoran Djindjić were exposed. Realisation of the exhibition allowed Ministry of Culture and Government of the Republic of Serbia Vice – President cabinet.