Opening of the projection: 17 April 2004, in Barutana
In charge of the project: the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and the Historical Archives of Belgrade
Author of the project: Vitomir Jevremović
Historical reconstruction: dr Marko Popović
The projection opened by: Radmila Hrustanović, the mayor of Belgrade

presentation posterInteractive Belgrade is a fifteen-minute 3D interactive presentation of the Belgrade fortress from the time of despot Stefan Lazarević. Using special 3D glasses and special technology of the projection, an illusion of the third dimension is created for the spectators making it possible for them to "enter" the Belgrade of 600 years ago. This type of presentation of history changes all standing rules and regulations. The past becomes interactive present. The reconstruction was carried out in every detail. The visitors can "enter" the structures inside the fortress, "see" their interior and exterior, enjoying, for the first time, an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the appearance of the fortified Belgrade of the time.

The presentation took place in Barutana in Kalemegdan. The first official projection was attended by the delegations of the mayors of a number of foreign countries whose municipalities had twinned with the Belgrade municipalities, members of the diplomatic corps in Belgrade, representatives of the media. Daily, there were three projections before the full house in Barutana. The audience had to wait in line to get to the projection. Part of the projection was presented in a TV broadcast which generated a huge interest of the public. Because of that the projection was repeated during the Days of Belgrade celebration in April 2005 and later on in October 2005.