Opening date: January 24th, 2014
Authors: Olga Latinčić, Jelena Jovanović, Tijana Kovčić
Expert consultant: Milan Koljanin, PhD
Associate: Snežana Lazić
Design and graphical solutions of the panels: Aleksandar Lazović
Design and graphical solutions of the legends: Vladimir Mijatović
Proofreading: Vesna Lekić
Construction of models and replics: Bojan Kocev
Technical support: Goran Marinković, Bojan Kocev, Petar Gajičić
IT support: Vuk Babić
Opening ceremony: Ivica Dačić, the Prime Minister

Sharing the destiny of region and nation, the Jewish community in Belgrade stands for the centuries. On a crossroad, in Dorćol, where they have settled first, Jewish community built synagogues, schools, printed books. Their activities enriched economic, social and cultural development of Belgrade. They attended political life of the country and fought for it. Keeping the identity, Belgrade Jewish community, participated at the same time in other cultures in Belgrade interliving.
World War II interrupted the life of Jewish community-for only two years under occupation (1941-1942) it almost disappeared. In Belgrade lived about 12.000 Jews, but the Holocaust survived more than a 1.000.

The standing conceptualise four thematic-hronologic units: The Jews in Belgrade, War whirlwind, Victims and Memories. Life and suffering of Jews in Belgrade is represented on 52 panels, 3 stands, 1cube and 3 compositions in the space. On 25 panels is shown 48 victims which destinies represent the comprehensive suffering of Belgrade Jewish community. The basic idea for standing preparation gave the records of the Department for Inheritance issues within the National Board of I District of the City of Belgrade fond, one of the first authorities in Belgrade after the World War II. Collected records of the Historical Archives of Belgrade, Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade and Law Chamber, points out that victims stopped to be a number, name and surname without meaning, but personalities with dreams that came and not to come true, which was interrupted once.

Most of the records kept in the Archives which reflect life and suffering of Belgrade Jews will be represented to the public for the first time. Informationaly rich records as lists of property, death certificates, personal documents, technical documentation of buildings, photos, commercial pamphlets, archives of significance..vitness the interrupted life.The unit Memories, through 3 exhibited records- remembrance book, photo album and the book with dedication is the story about friendship which lasted and survived.

Publication that follows the exhibition is Remembrance book of Holocaust victims in Belgrade: from the records of National Board of I District of the City of Belgrade fond. The Book includes data on all executed Jews whose death certificates kepts the Department for Inheritance issues within National Board of I District of the City of Belgrade fond of the Archives. The Remembrаnce book has a goal to remind on Holocaust, so to mention, until now, unknown victims, 161 people, but of those whose name are known to provide new data.

The opening ceremony attended: the President of the Union of Jewish municipalities, Ruben Fuks, PhD, the Ambasador of Israel, H.E. Josef Levi, the Ambasador of the USA, H.E. Michael Kirby, the Ambasador of the Republic of Italy, H.E. Giuseppe Manco and the Ambasador of the Republic of Croatia, H.E. Gordan Markotić. Princ Aleksandar and Princess Katarina were present also, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Mr Dejan Ristić, the Ombudsman, Mr Saša Janković, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Jewish community, Assembly of the City of Belgrade and the Municipality of Novi Beograd, so many guests from public and cultural life of Belgrade.

The exhibition will be open until March 2013, every day, except Sunday and Monday, since 10am until 5pm.


Remembrance Book