To mark 100 years since the death of king Petar I Karađorđević, the Historical Archives of Belgrade prepared a publication and an exhibition in the entrance hall of the Archives, presenting the most significant events in the life of the beloved Serbian king.
The life and reign of Petar Karađorđević were marked by the rivalry of two Serbian dynasties, by sufferings and great triumph of Serbia in the Great War, by democratization processes and economical progress of the Kingdom of Serbia and finally by the creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

The visitors of the Archives will be able to see also the royal will preserved in the Archives of Belgrade.

Authors of the exhibition and the publication: Jelena Jovanović, Tijana Kovčić and Jelena Nikolić
Disign by: Aleksandar Lazović
Technical support: Bojan Kocev
Printed by: Zlamen