ww1Detailed thematic guide with analytical description of all included records, classified according to the fonds and collections preserved in the Historical Archives of Belgrade was presented to the public in a dedicated Internet presentation, both in Serbian and English language.
It allows complete insight into archival material related to the First World War to the widest circle of Internet users. With respect to the traditional approach in presenting archival material and its content, modern technologies provide an opportunity to the archivists to have completely innovative and more creative approach. In archival terminology, an online digital thematic guide about
First World War through fonds and collections of the Historical Archives of Belgrade represents a new species of a hybrid mixture of analytic inventory, thematic guide, proceedings of documents and exhibition, all followed by a nominal and thematic register. Together with other sections, like the section with recommended links for different locations on a World Wide Web, allowing to the users an endless journey in search for information, archival documents and results of WWI researches, it is clearly visible that it represents a significant step forward regarding the traditional methods.