Nezider Takovski muzejPromotion of book Nezider: Austro-Hungarian Camp for Serbians 1914–1918 (Historical Archives of Belgrade, 2017) was held in the in the Museum of Rudnik and Takovo Region, on Thursday, September 14th.
Publication Nezider: Austro-Hungarian Camp for Serbians 1914–1918 is the first attempt in our historiography to explore within one publication the fate of Serbian internees and prisoners in a camp on Austro-Hungarian territory in the First World War. Relying on international as well as on Serbian sources, documentary materials, memoires and literature, the authors of the publication tried to present to the public less familiar aspect of the Serbian people sufferings during the First World War.
The book was presented by authors Isidor Đuković and Nenad Lukić, book editor Slobodan Mandić, Nikola Petrović and Director of the museum Aleksandar Marušić.