Prirucnik nastava Holokaust 00Presentation of ”Teacher's Handbook: Use of Graphic Novel, Literature and Archival Material in Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust - the Educational Concept and the Collection of Graphic Novels “Ester" was held on Saturday, December 15th, in the Gallery of the Historical Archives of Belgrade.
Ester is an educational concept and additional material for teachers consisting of a collection of illustrated novels about lives and sufferings of Belgrade citizens killed in the beginning of 1942 in Jewish Camp Zemun (Judenlager Semlin) on Old Belgrade Fairground. The concept was developed by mutual efforts of Terraforming Network and experts engaged in the project. Following the stories from children’s perspectives we learn about their families, life before war, sufferings during the occupation and Holocaust. The content of the stories is didactically designed in a way to offer in every segment specifically intended educational elements, specially adjusted to contemporary practice, education philosophy and
Holocaust studies. Ester collection is a new generation teacher’s handbook aiming to teach about anti-Semitism, tolerance, prejudices and discrimination in an accessible and attractiPrirucnik nastava Holokaust webve way both for students and teachers.
Publisher of the publication is Terraforming, editor in chief Misko Stanisic and authors of the texts are Biljana Albahari, Dr Milan Koljanin, Natasa Kostic, Tijana Kovcic, Dr Vasilije Milnovic, Misko Stanisic, Aleksandar Todosijevic and Prof Dr Marko Suica.
Presentation was attended by history teachers, archivists and librarians and potentials of the handbook was presented by Misko Stanisic, author of the Ester concept and Director of Terraforming Network, Prof Dr Marko Suica, History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Aleksandar Todosijevic, association Udi Euroclio and history teacher and Tijana Kovcic, archivist of the Historical Archives of Belgrade