Zapadna kapija
The Historical Archives of Belgrade is in process of taking over and inventorying valuable archival material which will be part of a new legacy formed from the documentation left behind the architect Mihajlo Mitrović (1922-1918). Mitrović won some of the most important awards and prizes in the field of architecture, including The October Award by the City of Belgrade, The Architectural Saloon Award, The Grand Prize for Architecture SAS, The Seventh of July Award for the Life Work etc.
His most important achievements comprised: Hotel “Narcis” on Zlatibor Mountain, the hospital in Koviljača Spa, Hotel Putnik , the Genex Tower (Western Belgrade gate), the Church of the St. Vasilije Ostroški in Belgrade; the Vranjčki Cycle which included: hot water Snežnik, Slatina, Roman Spring, The Lake; numerous aratment buildings in Serbia.