Opening date: May 8th 2015, the Center of Russian Diaspora "Александар Солженицьıн", Moscow
Opening ceremony: Mr Tomislav Nikolić, the President of the Republic of Serbia
Editor in-chief: Mr Dragan Gačić, MA
Authors: Snežana Lazić, Slobodan Mandić, Vladimir Mijatović, Jelena Mitrović Kocev, Mirjana Obradović, Isidora Stojanović
Design: Đurđija Borovnjak
Graphical solution: Vladimir Mijatović
IT support: Vuk Babić, Jelena Nikolić
Technical support: Bojan Kocev
An exhibition Liberation of Belgrade-70 years after through fonds and collections of the Historical Archives of Belgrade was ceremonially opened on May 8th 2015 in Moscow in the Center of Russian Diaspora "Александар Солженицьıн". The exhibition opened the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr Tomislav Nikolić, but Mr Viktor Moskvin, Director of the Center of Russian Diaspora "Александар Солженицьıн" and Mr Dragan Gačić, Director of the Historical Archives of Belgrade held the speech, too.
National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia and units of Red Army liberated Belgrade on October 20th 1944 after several days of struggle. During fights approximately 4000 soldiers of National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia and units of Red Army, died. They rest in the Memorial Cemetery of Belgrade Liberators. Battle for Belgrade is considered as one of the most important operations in Balkans during World War II.
The exhibition The liberation of Belgrade-70 years after includes all important aspects of events from October 1944 and armed struggle for Belgrade liberation from the perspective of records of the Historical Archives of Belgrade. Segments of the standing represent suffering of civil population, liberators-soldiers of the Red Army, members of National Liberation Movement and citizens of Belgrade, pictures of celebration and implementation of new founded authorities. Exhibits do not represent events chronologically-they were intertwined. The central segment of the standing is dedicated to Belgrade illegal movement and premier presentation of the Legacy of Sava Anđelković, one of the struggle participants, which includes kept items from armed fights for Belgrade during 1944: arms, munition, legitimations, map of Belgrade with inscribed bunkers and fortresses.
Opening ceremony attended, among others, President of the Republik of Srpska, Mr Milorad Dodik, President of International Foundation for the Unity of Orthodox Christian Nations, Professor V.A. Aleksejev, Deputy of the President of the Department of External Relations of Moscow Patriarchate, archpriest Nikolai Balashov, President of Russian Railroads Company, Vladimir Janukin, the Ambassador of Serbia in Russian Federation, H.E. Mr Slavenko Terzić, Secretary of the Secreteriat of Culture of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, Mr Vladan Vukosavljević, eminent Russian filmmaker Nikita Mihalkov, a widow of the winner of Nobel Prize Aleksandar Solzenicin, Mrs Natalija Solzenicin and President of Russian Motorcicle club, Mr Aleksandar Zaldostanov Hirurg, so other representatives of the Russian Motorcyclist Organization.
The exhibition is followed by lifelet in Russian which glorifies heroics of soldiers of the Red Army and its contribution to liberation of the Belgrade city.
The exhibition is going to be open in period from May 12 until May 31 2015.
Photos from opening ceremony