Opening date: November 13th in Gallery, 2013, March 20th at Kalemegdan park walking area
Author: Đurđija Borovnjak
Associates: Isidora Stojanović, Mirjana Obradović Design and graphical solutions: Vladimir Mijatović
Editing and proofreading: Vesna Lekić
Technical support: Miodrag Gavrilović, Goran Marinković, Ivan Arsenijević, Bojan Kocev, Srđan Orestijević, Vuk Babić, Nemanja Čolić, Petar Gajičić
Opening ceremony: The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Mr Irinej in present of Belgrade Catholic Archbishop, Mr Stanislav Hočevar, the Mufti of the Republic of Serbia, Efendi Muhamed Jusufspahić and the Rabin of Jewish Community in Serbia, Isak Asiel

The exhibition is dedicated to architectural development of sacral Belgrade. Technical and photo documentation regarding sacral monuments in Belgrade and kept in the Historical Archives of Belgrade but includes the records from second half of the XVI century until the start of World War II is shown on 32 panels. The standing is complemented with documents kept in the institutions of culture and private collections.

As a part of multicultural identity which characterizes Belgrade Town, the exhibition shows projects and achievements of leading domestic and authors from foreign countries, so architectural competition plans and solution projects including ones for the first time shown to the experts and public.
The standing presents Serbian Orthodox Church Protocolls of Baptised, Married and Dead, Catholic Church Matriculas, Protocolls of Dead and Married of the Jewish Municipality regarding Ashkenazic and Sephardic community and the Book of fetwas in Ottoman Turkish.

As a special segment the exhibition shows ten minutes movie of Yugoslawian Cinematheque on eracting the cornerstone for the Orthodox Theology Faculty of St. Sava (which construction stopped the outbreak of World War I) projected for the first time on May 1st, 1914 in the Mouvie Kasina, so following mouvie story on celebrating religious holidays in Belgrade before the start of World War II.

The Patriarch of Serbian Orthodox Church, Mr Irinej, at the opening ceremony, expressed his gratitude to the Historical Archives of Belgrade and pointed that Belgrade always was multinational and multiconfessional city everybody can expess its own religious determination in it.
The Director of the Archives, Dragan Gačić, MA expressed full gratitude to the Director of Chancellery for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities, Mileta Radojević, PhD for common iniative work on organization and implementation of the standing, so to the Patriarchate.
Opening ceremony attended the Bishop of Remesiana, Mr Andrej, the Ambasador of Belorusia, Mr Čušev, the Dean of the Belgrade Orthodox Theology Faculty, Prof. Dragomir Sando, Vice-dean, so representatives of public and cultural life in Belgrade.
The exhibition was opened for the visitors until the end of 2013.


Opening in Gallery

Opening at Kalemegdan park walking area