Opening date: 22th Dec 2008
Author: Branka Prpa, PhD
Realization: Historical Archives of Belgrade
Exhibition visual concept: Bojana Đurović, architect and Dragana Lacmanović
Graphic design of the exibition and catalogue: Dragana Lacmanović
Translator: Svetlana Adžić
Music: Dragan Latinčić, collection of songs Coldly Bat Hums to the poems of Miroljub Todorović
Editing: Olga Latinčić, Branka Branković, Branka Rakočević and Evica Micković
Technical associates: Jelena Nikolić and Bojan Kocev
Exhibition opened by: Radovan Popović, biographer and journalist

Signalism, an avant-garde creative movement, emerged in the sixties of the XX century right after the Zenitism, Surrealism and Social literature reached their peak and made its place in the Serbian literature as a new and autochthonous literal and artistic movement. Signalism is a global and a total creative concept which, denying all previous experiences as traditional, tends to introduce new and universal system of values.

The founder and the theoretician of Signalism Miroljub Todorovic (born in Skoplje, 1940-), the writer and the artist, formed himself within the Niš Artistic Circle where he developed his idea on scientism (signalism). He published a number of books of poetry, prose, esseys, polemics, children books, anthologies, bookworks.

Legacy of Miroljub Todorovic is kept in Historical Archives of Belgrade. Beside the archivals of personal fonds, legacy contains all the records of Signalism Documentation Center. Also, legacy includes many works of the most famous avant-garde world artists and about 10.000 Miroljub Todorovic's and his associates letters.

The exhibition is set as maze with documents placed in it and other material, but in the same time are broadcast works and legator's bibliography on monitors. It consists of two parts: In the first one is presented creation of Signalism as movement, events, Miroljub Todorovic's activities and his original published works; The second one is dedicated to expansion of movement and represented through works, conversations and published works of Miroljub Todorovic's associates in the country and abroad. Among them are: Raoul Hausmann, Bob Cobbing, Marina Abramović, Klaus Peter Dencker, Julian Kornhauser, Klaus Groh, Živan Živković, Ilija Bakić, Dobrica Kamperelić etc.


Legacy of Miroljub Todorović