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analytic inventory in data base in accordance with ISAD(g) standard, analytic in notes, indexes of cardfiles and invenory of photographs from the album of Dobrila Glavinić Knez Milojković

fond creator:
Đura Savić Glavinić, the first ancestor of Belgrade family Glavinić, came to Belgrade Danica Tomić, first woman pilotfrom Mostar where he started his manufacture. He was one of the first aldermen of Belgrade Municipality in time of its establishment in 1839. His son, Dimitrije, was the president of the Municipality of Šabac, he was elected the national deputy in 1868 and participated in work of Serbian Assambly that brought the Constitution in 1869. The most important member of Glavinić family was Konstantin Kosta (1858 –1939), construction engineer, proffesor of Great school, four times president of the Municipality of Belgrade, Minister of Economy of Serbia and government comissairs within the National Bank of Yugoslavia. He was the president and founder of many sociaties and associations and projector of the famous plum dryer. His son Milan, architect, was a national deputy of Yugoslav Radical Community in Kosovo and Metohia. He was married to Dobrila Glavinić Knez Milojković, active member of administration of many women associations and sociates.

fond content:
Milena Pavlović Barili's drawingsThe largest fond of the Archives which archivals are related to the all members of Glavinić family. Fond creates an image of old urban family. The fond kepts the archive materials important for the history of the Municipality of the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Economy of Serbia, associations founded in purpose of improving production and sale of hand made goods Rukotvorina, Association of Architects and Engineers of Serbia, Ministry of Education, Young Democracy, Yugoslav Radical Community, Owk Society Matica, Yugoslav River Traffic, Rotary club, Belgrade Women Association, Housewifes school, American Mission, Concordate crisis. The archivals antique represents particular documents, among them, a list of students educated in UK 1916–1918, (Serbian Relief Fond), evidences, registry protocols, aproms and gloves of Great Mason lodge Šumadija, early works of fond creator cousin, painter Milena Pavlović Barili (drawings in aquarell and ink), photographs and interviews of eminent women...