Collection contents authobiographies, chronicles, monographies, geneaologies, manuscripts, notes and books. a page of trade Agreement, 1606The oldest books kept in the Archives, written in Ottoman Turkish and Latin, belong to this collection. The oldest document from the XVI century is Dialog between Ottoman Turk and Christian. A part of the collection which consider documents from Ottoman period, contents scripts from Quran from the XVII century, Scribing manual from 1760, Tezkere issued in 1820 to tradesman Ratković, Book of fetvas which belonged to the sheriat judge, describing the legal solutions for daily problems that have happened in the Town. The oldest document written in Latin is Trade contract from 1606. This collection keeps also the Authobiography of Luka Mladenović with Album of the old Belgrade, Danica Perić's monography of the family Karabiber with three geneaologymaps and manuscripts of Milivoje Kostić on life and work of Belgrade economists in the XIX and XX century.Book of fetvas

Serbian, Ottoman Turkish, Latin, German, Russian

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