Jelena Šantić (1944-2000), a soloist of the Belgrade theater ballet troupe, a ballet theoretician and critic, choreographer, peace activist and a fighter for human rights. She protests, 1998.was awarded for her ballet in In the Gardens of Granada (U baštama Granade), Nastasja Filipovna,Isadora Duncan (Isidora Dankan) (libretto and choreography).She is one of the founders the Center for Antiwar Action (Centar za antiratnu akciju) and Group 484 (Grupa 484). She was given the Pax Christi International award. Two parks, one in Berlin one in Belgrade, bear the name of Jelena Šantić.
In 2003, the Archives received from Jelena's family documents describing the life and work of Jelena Šantić. Seventeen boxes of Jelena's Legacy contain personal documents, notebooks, manuscripts and manuscript material, photographs, posters, newspaper clippings, documents of antiwar activities, letters, telegrams, video and audio tapes, Jelena's personal items.