Berlin iReparo
ILC Factory from Prague organized presentation in Berlin from 17th to 18th of February 2020 for Belgrade delegation consisting of Mr. Mileta Radojević, acting Director of Office for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities and representatives of the Historical Archives of Belgrade Mr. Dragan Gačić, Director and Jelena Nikolić, Assistant Director. The presentation was organized in the premises of Muster Fabrik Berlin and Institute Fraunhofer IPK Berlin. It included exclusive presentations of latest technological solutions for complete reconstruction of damaged or destroyed archival documents by human factor or natural disasters. Digital unit iRearo and RECO software with a unique procedure, can completely reconstruct fragments of the documents, so far considered destroyed, and therefore will become inevitable tool in the activities of Archives and other institutions dealing with the paper material of great significance. This revolutionary solution was awarded EARTO award by European Union.
Presentation was held by Dr Bertram Nickolay from the Institute IPK Berlin and Dr Marc von der Linden from Muster Fabrik Berlin and host of the delegation was Mr. Borislav Bačević.