Editor-in-chief: Branka Prpa, PhD
Compilers: Boro Majdanac, MA and Milena Radojčić
Graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović
Issue: 2005

The Society came into being in 1884, at the High School. Its members were students and professors. The rector of the Belgrade University has always been the president of the Society as well. After World War II the Society was called AKUD Branko Krsmanović until 1991 when the original name was returned to it.

concert in WiennaThe manuscript of Milan A. Kostić, entitled Academic Singing Society Obilić, 1884-1941, which serves as the basis for the publication became, through the will of the author, the property of the Historical Archives of Belgrade in 1957. Almost half a century later it reaches the light of day, enriched by a large number of illustrations and contributions, scientific method and annotations. The manuscript was written as a chronicle. All important events were recorded: tours in the country and abroad, concerts, repertory, management elections, jubilees, cooperation with other societies etc.