In accordance with interest of scientific circles for genocide and Holocaust during World War II, introduction study of "Логор Бањица / Логораши 1941-1944" was published in English.

The publication includes works of Prof. Dr Milan Ristović, "Introduction to the Books of Evidence of Detainees", Prof. Dr Ljubodrag Dimić "Statistics in the `Books of evidences` – Sketch for a group portrait of inmates in the Banjica Concentration Camp", so paper of archival councilor Evica Micković and Milena Radojčić "Concentration Camp Beograd-Banjica in the Occupied Belgrade – archival material".

Issuing this publication was supported by the Secretariat for Culture of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and Ministry of Culture of republic of Serbia. The publication has 95 pages with illustrations. The price is 900 RS.