Publisher: Historical Archives of Belgrade
For the Publishers: MA Dragan Gačić
Editors-in-Chief: MA Dragan Gačić
Text Prepared by: Mirjana Milenković, Zorica Smilović
Associates: Greta Miličić, isodira Stojanović Teodosić
Review by: Dr Vesna Aleksić, Dr Saša Ilić, Dr Sonja Jerković
Editing and proofreading: Nataša Marković MA
Art and Layout: Zorica Smilović
Printed by: Zlamen
Circulation: 500
A manuscript written by Milivoje M. Kostić, a merchant, exporter, industrialist, journalist and publicist, which was purchased from the author in 1957/58, is preserved in the Historical Archives of Belgrade (IAB). For over thirty years he had been a merchant and a witness of trade development in Serbia and development of Belgrade which evolved from oriental town into modern, European city. He also had the opportunity to meet many people important for the economy of the country, and some of them were his business partners or friends. With the intention to preserve the memory of them, he created a necklace of 269 “medallions” – chapters, each one telling the story of merchants, businessmen and bankers who lived and worked in Belgrade in the end of 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century.
Third part of Kostić’s manuscript waited to be published precisely for two decades. This publication consists of 59 biographies. Selected and published text is original and integral, and explanations were provided for certain people mentioned in the text. Archaic language of the author is preserved; only in some cases modern orthographic standard was applied. Text is complemented by architectural designs preserved in the archival fonds Municipality of the City of Belgrade, Technical Directorate. Also, original documents and signatures of the merchants and businessmen used in the publication were taken from the archival collections preserved in the Archives of Belgrade and Archives of Yugoslavia. The text is also complemented by old photographs of merchants and their stores taken from collections of the Historical Archives of Belgrade and the Archives of National Bank of Serbia.
The work on this publication included research of 21 fonds and collections preserved in three archives, over 180 published papers, studies, monographs, doctoral thesis and articles, 28 different newspapers and periodicals, 24 internet portals and 7 databases.