Editor-in-Chief: Dragan Gačić MA
Author: Snežana Lazić
Review by: Vesna Aleksić, PhD
Editing and proofreading: Nataša Marković MA
Translated into English by: Tijana Kovčić
Art and Layout: Zorica Netaj
Circulation: 500
Bilingual publication Development of Tourism in Belgrade between the Two World Wars is a result of a research of archival and library material preserved in Historical Archives of Belgrade conducted for the exhibition on Kalemegdan in 2016. It was a common opinion that the tourism in this region began to develop after the Second World War. However this research demonstrated that this industry was highly developed in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and its capital, Belgrade.
Factors necessary for tourism were systematically and methodically developed in interwar Belgrade, like traffic infrastructure, hotels, legal directives, cultural, manifestation, sport and youth tourism. In this period first tourist agencies and representative offices were founded, theoretical literature and travel guide were published and first academy for hospitality management was established. Belgrade citizens were good hosts and tourists. Between the two world wars, all types of tourism known today appeared in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
Special part of publication is a Chronology of Tourism development in Serbian and in English.