Editor-in-chief: dr Branka Prpa
Compiled by: Professor Milan Ristović, PhD, Dubravka Stojanović, PhD, Miroslav Jovanović, PhD, Predrag Marković, PhD, (books I-III), Miroslav Perišic, PhD, Goran Miloradović, MA, (books IV-VI)
Graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović
Issue: 2003-08

The publishing activity of the Archives has been prioritized with the first place going to the publication of the documents of the most important fonds with the intention of making them available to researchers.
The publication of the documents of the fond of the Administration of the City of Belgrade was begun with the series entitled To Live in Belgrade. Six volumes have been published . Their promotions are held at the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, in April every year, on the occasion of the Days of Belgrade. The effort invested in this activity shed new light on, as was believed, already thoroughly investigated topic and area, whereby huge gaps were filled not only in the history of Belgrade but also in the history of Serbia.