Publisher: Historical Archives of Belgrade
Editor-in-Chief: Dragan Gačić MA
Text prepared by: Jelena Mitrovic Kocev, Marko Peric, Slobodan Mandic
Review by: professor Dr Milan Ristovic
Editing and proofreading: Nataša Marković MA
Art and Layout: Verica Nikolic
Design: Zorica Netaj
Printed by: Zlamen d.o.o.
Circulation: 500

Diary of Natralija Arandjelovic, a Belgrade citizen and a wife of Nikola J. Arandjelovic, Serbian officer, is a rare and valuable document testifying about everyday life, sufferings and surviving of a family during tormenting years in occupied Serbia in WWI. Besides events occurring in the city and information arriving from distant frontlines, Natalija writes about her own feelings for her husband, her children, her country disappearing in war and her life under occupation authorities. She is also discussing position of a woman in society and in family.