Editor-in-chief: Branka Prpa, PhD
Authors: Olga Latinčić, Branka Branković, Svetlana Adžić
Introduction: Jovan Ćirilov
Graphic design: Dragana Lacmanović
Issue: 2007

If one were to seek a simple answer to the query about the content of the BITEF archives, it would most certainly indicate a sound and profound strife to spring free from a provincial and orchestrated frame of thought and culture, in general. BITEF is the most tangible evidence that in Belgrade, Serbia and Yugoslavia, cultural pluralism and universalism was the weapon for conquering freedom in the world of political monism and political bipolarism.
For this reason, and only as a segment, can this book of documents which sublimates a 40 year long heritage of a Festival, be an illustration of the power of cultural dialogue enacted with a non-pretentious definition of new theatrical tendencies.
The gravitational field it created inevitably drew in political ideas and subsequently all that is considered undeniable, un from movie Mahabharata, P. Brukdebatable and untouchable in a given society. The petrified structures begun to crumble under the pulling force of the universalistic ideas which inevitably produce catharsic exhilaration with regard to profanity and banality imposed as a formula by egotism and egocentrism of the individual and of the nation.
This would undoubtedly be the primary and most important quality of an Archive comprising 434 boxes, 52 m long when put in a line, that will submerge as a mighty wave any researcher daring to take on the task of reconstructing the key assumptions of the history of late 20th century. (Branka Prpa, PhD)-

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